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    End of November Blog

    Hey Survivors, Anton here! I’ve got some exciting news to share with you today. Our next Closed Alpha Update will release next week. This Closed Alpha update is a massive update for our team as it is a culmination of the company overhaul we made at the beginning of 2022. We’ve greatly expanded...
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    End of October Blog

    Happy Halloween Survivors, Anton here! October flew by, and our team at QI Games has gotten a lot of work done for our next Closed Alpha update (0.10). This update is a milestone update for our team as it’s the first update that we get to really put our own thumbprint on. We’re still dealing...
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    backer questions

    I'd recommend reaching out to for assistance. Your keys are still valid. Make you include your order information in the email.
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    Steam Wishlist Page Up Today

    Hello Survivors! Today is a big day for QI Games because we are releasing our Steam Wishlist page! We will continue to update this Steam page as we march toward our Early Access release of Dead Matter. These updates to our Steam page will include new details, trailers, and screenshots. For...
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    September Development Update

    Hello Survivors, I hope you are doing well this September. It's been about one month since we released Update 0.9 and your feedback, bug, and crash reports have been outstanding. We're ecstatic that many of you enjoyed the update and supported our new developers. 0.9 was the first update we...
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    Access to closed beta

    Hey there, please send a email to We will help you with accessing your key.
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    How to get Backer Role?

    Hey there, please contact if you are having trouble accessing your Steam key. We will help you out with that process :)
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    closed alpha key recovery

    You don't need an access key code to play the game if you've downloaded the update on Steam. If you're experiencing other technical difficulties, please reach out to our support email:
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    How to get Backer Role?

    I believe the backer tag has kicked in, but let me know if you run into any other problems :)
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    Closed Alpha 0.9 Update

    Hey Survivors, Today our Closed Alpha Update 0.9 goes out to our backers. This update hits a few big milestones for the development of Dead Matter, and you can learn more about them by reading our previous blog. Today’s monthly blog will go over the changelog for 0.9. As of 11:30 AM (MST) on...
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    Got banned on Steam for supporting the game and asking people to not be toxic...and it came from the dev team.

    After looking into it, it appears you were banned by a Valve employee, not one of our team members. I'm not aware of anyone at our company being notified about this ban or giving instruction to only temporarily ban you, so I'm not sure where you're getting that information. If the ban applies to...
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    0.9 Closed Alpha Update Announcement

    Unfortunately our crowdfunding is closed. The next opportunity to play Dead Matter will be when it releases as an Early Access title.
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    How to get Backer Role?

    There is a guide to getting your Backer role in the pinned messages of the help-and-support channel on Discord. If you need any help feel free to ask within the channel.
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    0.9 Closed Alpha Update Announcement

    Thanks! Stay tuned :)
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    0.9 Closed Alpha Update Announcement

    Sway is in it's early stage of development so we will taking that feedback for our refinements in the 0.10 update.