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  1. Vyse

    Development Resumes

    Is there a new cadence for news/updates? I'm always stoked to see progress, even the small stuff.
  2. Vyse

    My new project

    I'm proud of you, Kian. Keep up the good work and you'll be there in no time!
  3. Vyse

    How do I Unreal?

    Good place to start
  4. Vyse

    Who else here is a lazy bum about working on their car?

    I've been super lazy during these winter months but recently had my heater core clog up, which caused the car to overheat, which caused my radiator to crack... so yeah, that broke my lazy streak lol. Use this as a reminder to flush your coolant system every year!
  5. Vyse

    VR games Discussion

    Worked pretty well for me, even with Virtual Desktop (wireless connection to PC). I haven't tried the air link but I hear it's getting better
  6. Vyse

    Dead Matter is ruining my fucking life

    I can't fucking take it any more. Dead Matter has singlehandedly ruined my life. The other day my teacher was teaching us Biology and he mentioned cellular fat tissue and its decaying process and I immediately thought 'Dead Fat? more like DEAD FATTER!!!!' and I've never wanted to kms more. I...