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    Development Resumes

  2. NikZ

    I am currently working on a UE5 project

    You should try boosting the intensity of your skylight to fill in some of the dark shadows, unless that's something you're aiming for. Can we see more of the weapon system?
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    Moved to General
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    VR games Discussion

    Quest 2 work well with HLA?
  5. NikZ

    Who else here is a lazy bum about working on their car?

    Entirely via YouTube for myself, I guess I also have some level of familiarity from doing basic repairs + playing Forza.
  6. NikZ

    We demand Dev Feet Pics

    Fine. I hope you're happy.
  7. NikZ

    How to get Backer Role?

    Not anymore. Hehe.
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    My new project

    Congrats, your shitpost program ran successfully.
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    Shitpost General

  10. NikZ

    Shitpost General

    Since a few of ya'll wanna post memetastic content, please try and contain your shitposts to this thread.
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    ayyyyyy i want a monkaaaayyyy

    If you want to shitpost like this please do it in Fast Threads.
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    My new project

    But you don't use -- for comments in python ;)
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    VR games Discussion

    Been wanting to pick up an oculus quest, personally wasn't a fan of the Vive just due to the amount of time investment when it came to setting everything up.
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    It's all good, though I'll let your posts speak for themself!
  15. NikZ

    Who else here is a lazy bum about working on their car?

    American muscle with right hand drive? That's deliciously sinful.
  16. NikZ

    My new project

    Why even bother learning Lua?
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    Shhhhhhhhhhh Hello! Howdy, hopefully you don't get banned on here lol Do you build warhammers or just war machines? :vaultsweat: Who doesn't love Alberta?
  18. NikZ

    Who else here is a lazy bum about working on their car?

    I've had car seats sitting in my garage for about a year. Not super proud of it. That's one sexy whip man. What year is she?
  19. NikZ

    Back to the 90s

    Forum boomers unite.
  20. NikZ

    Looking for a QA/Play Testing Role

    You can apply at if you're interested in a role.