0.8 Update Delayed Until Tomorrow

Hey Survivors,

Today, we encountered some multiplayer bugs in our most recent build of 0.8. These bugs led to a variety of new issues we did not expect. This problem means that we will not be able to release our Closed Alpha 0.8 update until tomorrow May 26th.

This decision does not come lightly, but this delay is needed to improve multiplayer stability for Closed Alpha Update 0.8.

I’ve invited our lead producer, Tim, to explain why the team has elected to take this route.

Hello, everyone.

On Tuesday, we began a company-wide playtest for our 0.8 release build. As the playtest began, we began to run into several new bugs with our multiplayer server. These bugs were causing some clients to crash during the playtest. We’ve discovered the sources of these bugs, mainly a caching issue and a problem with a couple of doors behaving poorly. These fixes, unfortunately, cost us some time yesterday, and we were unable to create a final build for May 25th. Therefore, we’ve elected to move our release date twenty-four hours so we can ensure better stability for our future updates.

-Tim P.

Thanks, Tim.

Speaking on behalf of the studio, I want to say that we take our promises seriously. We promised a May 25th release date for Closed Alpha Update 0.8, and we did not deliver. When we gave that date, we meant it. Unfortunately, as we returned from the long weekend today, unexpected issues forced us to make this call. We’re frustrated that we had to make this decision at the last minute, but we’re going to take this situation and learn from it.

We intend to make our Closed Alpha 0.8 update and the features we discussed as best as possible. We will post the release notes tomorrow, May 26th, 2022, along with the update itself.

We want to thank you for your continued patience and support. It means a lot to the development team as they work on delivering this update to you.

We will see you in the mountains tomorrow.