Official Game Map?

Happy Dance

May 17, 2022
I was hoping that someone, dev/beta-tester/etc, had made a better map than this one:
And if so, could you post it here, or pin it on a new thread somewhere?

It takes a little while to get across the map, and not knowing exactly where I am, with 3+ keys and 3+ keycards, some with similar or ambiguously named labels (Mountain Cave Key..?) make it a little difficult for me to know which area I need to be in and where within that area to go in order to use the item. Having some arrows with access points or entrances, or just labelled roads would be great as well. The Police HQ keycard secure area has great loot though!

Also, don't take a cab or a police car up the mountain, as they don't climb hills well. Pickup or ATV work great though!


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