Wondering if I can edit the kickstarter reward choice I made almost 5 years ago?


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Aug 1, 2022
I don't know how else I could get in contact with devs working on this game so I'm just posting here. I pledged $500 CA for the "You're saying we're dead?" reward. I'd like to specifically change the reward that states "We'll work with you to name an entire town!". The town name I provided doesn't have any meaning to me anymore because when I provided it, I was 18 and in a completely different part of my life. I would very much appreciate naming it after something more meaningful to me presently so when the game eventually comes out it'll be worth the money I pledged. Hope this reaches you and I hope it's as simple to change the name as I would think it is. Thanks again.

Anton | Community Rep

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Apr 5, 2022
We will work with you on that when we reach that phase of development :). If you need any additional support or have any questions reach out to us on here or through our support email (support@qisoftware.ca)